We need your support!

If you’d like to support the Community & Campus Day of Service but you can’t be there on the day of the event – or even if you can! – the University and Illini Fighting Hunger need financial support to cover the cost of ingredients used in the meals. We need to raise $8,800 to cover the cost of this year's event!

$9,850.00 $8,800.00
$9,850.00 raised towards our $8,800.00 goal!

What does my donation go towards?

Your donation covers the cost of ingredients for meals packaged at the Day of Service event. Packaging equipment, space, and promotional materials are all provided by community and campus stakeholders, so we just need money to cover the food that we package at the event. Some ingredients are provided by our sponsors, but many ingredients still must be purchased; $8,800 is the cost of the remaining ingredients for 151,000 meals. $0.11 funds one meal at the Day of Service, so...

  • $5 covers the cost of 45 meals
  • $11 covers the cost of 100 meals
  • $28 covers the cost of 250 meals
  • $55 covers the cost of 500 meals
  • $110 covers the cost of 1,000 meals!

Making a donation

You can make a tax deductible contribution in the following ways:

You can send a check to:
Illini Fighting Hunger
1203 W Green St
Urbana, IL 61801

Or you can donate via PayPal: